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200LB Goal.

So here it is. This is the begining of what should be a painful and exhausting ride to a goal weight of 200lbs. I haven't been 200lbs since the day i left basic training back in 2009 when i was 197lbs. Today I stepped on the scale at a wild weight of 236lbs. Im disappointed in myself to be honest, I've let myself get far to big and its been steadily growing since 2010. Ive started weightlifting with a team and I'm recovering from some herniated disks but thats not an excuse to let myself go. I'm better than that. i know I'm better than that. This blog that will be updated weekly along with everything that i post on social media will help me keep accountability on everything that I'm doing along with my training to my nutrition do just day to day stuff that I'm doing to in order to hit my ultimate goal of reaching 200lbs.