FLY THE BLACK FLAG #TEAMSCALLYWAG A percentage of every order this month is donated to Veteran Non-profit Organizations.

Why us?

Why Scallywag?

The reason I decided to build this brand and start a community isn’t just to have something that i love but to do something that has always been a passion of mine and now I have that opportunity to do so. I’ve always loved clothing and style but not in the sense of mainstream styles, but in the sense of being comfortable and being low key but standing out at the same time. The Scallywag Brand Company is more about helping people than it is about fashion. Every purchase at that is made gets calculated to help out veterans. Every month we take 10% of total sales and donate it to a non profit veteran organizations that is researched intensely so that we know and that you as a consumer knows that the product you just purchased will directly help out veterans across the nation and won’t end up being used on some companies payroll. Being in the military myself allows me to see and be in close proximity with veterans that need help, and i know that me doing this I’m going to be able to help them out directly.